Differential Pressure Gauge


Our DP-01 pressure differential gauge is used to indicate both visually and electronically when the filter element in a coalescing oil separator is contamined and need replaced. A contaminated filter affects both performance and efficiency of the oil separator itself, and the overal efficiency of the entire system. The gauge comes with 1/4" flare male connectors that are installed in line between the inlet and outlet of the separator. The DP-01 is also supplied with wire leads to connect the switch to an alarm.



  • 1/4" male flare inlet/outlet
  • 24V AC/DC, 3A max. 60W mas switch rating
  • 12 psid switch setting
  • Two 22 gauge wire leads, 12" long to connect to board
  • Multi colored gauge face for easy visual inspection
  • Supplied with two 6-32 mounting screws
  • Aluminum body, stainless steel fittings & ceramic internals