Serving the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industries

Westermeyer Industries designs, manufactures, and distributes high-quality commercial components and accessories for the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. While some companies want to work with you just to get the sale, our focus is to get to know our customers so that we can work together to develop unique solutions that add value to your commercial refrigeration system. We strive to be your business partner, not just your supplier.

675 psig maximum working pressure and 450 psig maximum working pressure components include: oil separators, oil reservoirs, oil filters, liquid receivers, accumulators, and more.

Coming Soon - Marine Condensers

DX Chiller

This new line of HEM marine condensers are high capacity and cleanable. The enhanced cupronickel tubing provideds extra heat transfer surface, thereby reducing the overall size of the condenser. Both the tube sheet and water plates are made of epoxy coated cupronickel to provide a superior resistance to salwater abrasion. A sacrificail zinc anode is available upon request.

Working pressure is 400 psig refrigerant side / 150 psig fluid side.

Custom models are also available. 

Oil Separator - Instructional Video