Fixed Level Oil Regulators-Universal Flange

Maximum Working Pressure - 450 psig


Oil regulators control the oil level in the compressor crankcase, which is accomplished through the use of a float-operated valve. The RG-4 is also capable of mounting directly to both Copeland and Bitzer compressors with our universal flanage, eliminating the need for adapter kits and reducing installation cost. For other compressor configurations, adapter kits can be used to convert the universal mounting to non-standard compressor mountings.

The oil feed connection is a standard 3/8" SAE flare. A 1/4" SAE flare oil equalization connection is also provided. It is placed at the 1/2 glass range. We also recommend to filter oil prior to reaching the regulator to prevent debris or contaminants from obstructing the float valve. Our oil filter (part number F4-01) can be used to accomplish this filtration



  • Universal mounting flange
    (Copeland and Bitzer)
  • Powder paint finish
  • Factory set at 1/2 glass



Operating DifferentialDimensions(in)Sight Glass LevelMax. Working
RG-4F 5-30 psig 4 4.5 2.13 2.13 Fixed 450 psig
RGH-4F 5-30 psig 4 4.5 2.13 2.13 Fixed 675 psig