Low Pressure Oil Reservoirs

Maximum Working Pressure - 450 psig


Oil reservoirs are designed to hold excess oil in parallel compressor systems. The oil is a result of varying system loads and defrost cycles. Install the oil reservoir between the oil separator and oil regulators. There must be a vent valve installed on the reservoir to allow for proper oil pressure.

The oil reservoir includes the following connections:

  • 3/4"-16 spud connection for 3/8" flare swivel valves
  • 3/8" flare connection for pressure vent valve

Each reservoir is supplied with two 3/8" flare swivel valves. All models are manufactured with sight glasses for oil level viewing.

Selection of the oil reservoir size
is a matter of individual preference:

  • Up to 4 compressors—Use the 2 gallon reservoir
  • 4 to 6 compressors—Use the 3 gallon reservoir
  • 6 or more compressors—Use the 4 gallon reservoir

These are general guidelines and should be verified by the systems' manufacturer or engineer. For systems with extremely long line runs, it is always best to use the 4 gallon model.


  • Welded and brazed design for higher strength
  • Nitrogen tested for cleanliness
  • Removable swivel valves
  • Powder paint finish


Catalog NumberCapacity (gallons)Number of GlassesDimensions (in)
OR6-2 2 2 6 15.5
OR6-3 3 2 6 24.5
OR6-4 4 3 6 33.5