High Pressure ASME Accumulators

Maximum Working Pressure - 675 psig


ASME accumulators are used to prevent liquid slugging of the compressor during a flood-back condition. If liquid enters the compressor cylinder, costly damage can occur. Our accumulators capture excess liquid leaving the evaporator, allowing the system to vaporize it during normal operation, returning only refrigerant vapor to the compressor. A weep hole is included in the internal tube to facilitate proper oil return from the accumulator to the operating system.

The accumulator must be placed between the evaporator and compressor to intercept the excess liquid. To size the accumulator, you must select the model with the tonnage nearest to the tonnage of the operating system. Care must also be taken to evaluate the amount of liquid holding capacity needed. We recommend the holding capacity not be less than 50% of the system charge. The minimum tonnage is the lowest capacity that will provide for adequate oil return from the accumulator. While these are general guidelines, it is the responsibility ofthe system designer to select and apply the accumulator properly. Contact us for help in selecting the proper model.


  • Low pressure drop
  • Positive oil return
  • Powder painted finish to protect the accumulator during condensation

Consult Westermeyer Industries for custom sizes, including heat exchanger models.

8-5/8" D09121.6C
10-3/4" D09123.6C
12-3/4" D09706.6C



Catalog Number



Heatpump Catalog Number








Recommended Tons of Refrigeration at Evaporator Temperature °F



Holding Cap. (lbs of R-410A)




AH8-15 AH8-15HP 1-5/8 8.625" 22" 7.50 41.20 24
AH8-21 AH8-21HP 2-1/8 8.625" 22" 14.70 87.00 19.5
AH10-21 AH10-21HP 2-1/8 10.75" 22" 14.70 87.00 30.5
AH10-25 AH10-25HP 2-5/8 10.75" 22" 20.50 131.00 27
AH10-31 AH10-31HP 3-1/8 10.75" 25" 29.00 192.00 21
AH12-31 AH12-31HP 3-1/8 12.75" 25" 29.00 192.00 42.5
ASME Acc Vertical

For holding capacities of R-134A multiply the R-22 capacity by 1.05. For R-404A multiply by .90.