High Pressure Oil Filters

Maximum Working Pressure - 675 psig


Oil filters should always be used in conjunction with any oil control system. The filter ensures refrigeration oil is clean of any foreign matter that may obstruct float valves in oil regulators and oil separators. Our filters are designed to be a low pressure drop filter, while remaining effective at removing particulate matter. The FH3-01 and FH3-02 models are designed using XH-9 desiccant for removal of moisture in POE oils and contaminants.

Filter Specifications

  • 4 micron retention
  • 99.5% efficient at removing 4 micron particles and larger
  • 330 square inches of filtering surface area
  • 8 cubic inches of XH-9 desiccant (models FH3-01 and FH3-02 only)
  • Suitable for halocarbon refrigerants and all oil types
  • Replace at 15 psig pressure drop
  • 3/8" flare and 3/4"-16 connections offered (use swivel valve for 3/4"-16 connection)

FH3-02 & FH4-02 Shut-off Valve

If you need a shut-off valve, we recommend a 3/8" ODS Rotolock valve with gasket (requires 2 valves).


  • Welded design for higher strength
  • Nitrogen tested for cleanliness
  • Good for all oil types
  • Powder paint finish
Catalog NumberConnection TypeDimensions (in)
FH3-01 3/8" flare 3 7.5
FH3-02 3/4"-16 spud 3 7
FH4-01 3/8" flare 4 7.5
FH4-02 3/4"-16 spud 4 7