Westermeyer Industries offers Y strainers manufactured from brass

Bluffs, Illinois—Westermeyer Industries is proud to announce that it now supplies theY896 series of brass Y strainers.
These brass Y strainers are priced competitively and delivered on time, and are suitable for any fluid that is not corrosive to brass.
All Westermeyer Industries Y strainers are designed to handle a minimum of 500 psig and can be rated up to 700 psig, if necessary.
They have a temperature rating of -20°F to 200°F. Westermeyer Industries Y strainers use a 100 mesh removable stainless steel
screen that can be reattached after cleaning, and come with a removable cap that is sealed with a standard neoprene O-ring.
To learn more about Westermeyer Industries Y strainers, view our online catalog at www.westermeyerind.com/catalog.htm
or call us at 217.754.3277. Westermeyer Industries engineers, manufactures, and distributes high-quality
components and accessories. Westermeyer Industries services include product design, prototype building, testing,
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